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Nick Dorzweiler


PhD, Northwestern University

Nick Dorzweiler began teaching for the Chicago Field Studies program in 2011 as a graduate student in political science at Northwestern.  He earned his PhD in 2015, and currently is both an instructor for CFS and Visiting Assistant Professor at Wheaton College (Massachusetts).  His research focuses on the politics of everyday life, and particularly the creation of community norms and values through popular cultural practices such as film, music, television, and sports.  In his CFS classes, Nick seeks to deepen students’ internship experiences by exploring of the various social, cultural, and political forces shaping modern work.  He sees his courses as dynamic meeting places where traditional boundaries between “the classroom” and “the real world” are challenged, thus allowing participants to think more deeply about how the workplace shapes who we are, what we think, and how we interact with others.

Funded by Frederick S. Upton Foundation