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Field Studies in Humanities: CFS 398-0

Course Type: Variable Credit (1-4 units)

This course will count one credit toward Weinberg Distribution Requirement for Area VI: Literature and Fine Arts.

Course Description

What is work and what might it mean to a student of the humanities? How do representations of work (in literature, on TV or film…) shape our sense of what work is today? What kinds of activities might constitute work in cultural institutions, arts organizations, socially-conscious start-ups, or not-for-profits in general? And what kinds of questions might these organizations and career paths raise – for you personally, generationally, systemically, globally, and so on? This course offers an introductory cultural history of “white collar” work with a focus on not–for–profits, public humanities organizations, and related institutions, but the diverse range of readings, reflection exercises, research assignments, and class discussions makes it flexible enough to engage any humanities related CFS internship. Readings will come from a wide array of fields in the humanities and social sciences. Course assignments will emphasize dynamic critical thinking and reflection. You will get the chance to think deeply and critically (which does not necessarily mean cynically) about your internship, and to learn extensively from your peers’ experiences. 

Instructor: Liz McCabe; Anna Fenton-Hathaway
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Types of Internships that relate to the Field Studies in Humanities course: