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What Employers are Saying

The CFS Podcast

In Episode 1, we hear how Accelerated Growth Advisors CEO Bob Achettu came to understand just how valuable CFS interns can be: 


Additional Employer Feedback:

"The intern is a quick study and demonstrated a can-do attitude. He gained trust from our senior analysts by providing high quality work.  He also demonstrated intellectual curiosity, going above and beyond to investigate strategic hypothesis without being prompted. His proactive work ethic was very appreciated. We have a close, high performing team and he fit right in."

-Catherine Maji, Vice President, Sg2, (this intern was offered and accepted full time job after this internship)

"The intern developed a web-based application that collected data from the National Weather Service and allows our Beach inspection team to inform the public, staff, and our state partners of the day's beach status.  The program is wonderful, our experiences have all been positive and the department's work has advanced because of the students."

- Carl Caneva, Assistant Director, Health Department, City of Evanston

"The intern's work has been excellent overall. She is quick to ask questions and clarify when necessary. She often takes initiative when assisting with or leading programming with students. She also clearly takes our work very seriously and strives to bring her best to everything that she does."

-Zach Duffy, Director of Education, 826CHI

"Our intern has been an extremely hard-working, high-performing intern. He has produced high quality work and many on the team have called him the best intern our team has ever had."

-Kate Sheridan, Senior Analyst, Assortment Team, Nielsen

"He was a model intern. Always got in early. Stayed late. Treated his work like it was a craft. Always focused on getting better and improving his understanding of the business. Studied our resources and came prepared every day to give his all in the office." 

-Adam Pegram, Analyst, Shore Capital

"The intern always stepped up to help the organization and worked quickly and effectively. With minimal direction he was able to do complex analysis at an "MBA-level" capacity. We were lucky to have him."

-Michael Sachaj, Operations Manager, Hyde Park Angels

"Entering into a busy department of psychiatry can be overwhelming for many, the intern was very proactive, figured things out independently and engaged with all of our team. He was flexible and easily adapted."

-Sheila Dowd, Rush University Medical Center

"The intern has been reliable and diligent, working steadily on her independent project, while also being willing to take on any short-term work that was asked of her. The results have shown attention to detail and care. Her research skills are also quite strong. She was able to put together a bibliography on an artist in one day and to track down most of the relevant materials. She is pleasant to work with and very committed to her internship."

-Janine Mileaf, Executive Director, The Arts Club of Chicago

"Our intern was a true pleasure to have working in our office.  She is a remarkably quick learner, who displays a mature, thoughtful and comprehensive approach to every assignment.  We thoroughly enjoyed her delightful sense of humor, her willingness to work on various and wide-ranging projects, and her commitment and dedication to our mission of serving Evanston youth.  She will be missed!"

 -Kathy Lyons, Executive Director, Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

"The student quickly filled any gaps in her technical abilities and overall deliverable quality.  By working on a variety of projects, she was able to simultaneously polish up her analysis/modeling skills while getting exposure to the "consulting standard" of presentation/document refinement.  From a soft-skills perspective, the intern was client-ready from day 1.  We enjoyed being able to leverage her as a second set of analytical eyes during our diligence of a new client, during a scoping session on a new project at a current client, and countless other internal and client meetings along the way."

-JP Tucker, Accelerated Growth Advisors

"The intern did an excellent job on every project he did.  His writing is clear, and he has a great ability to process complex data.  He is friendly and up beat, and was an asset to our organization and a pleasure to have around."

-Patricia Wrona, Legal Director, CARPLS

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