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Who Participates in CFS

You can find our full Annual Report here, but below is a brief summary:

In 2018-19, 465 students participated in the CFS program, interning with over 250 employers whose internship offerings spanned fields from art curation to business finance, sustainable farming to criminal justice, local government to global consulting.

We had students from all Northwestern undergraduate colleges represented in CFS courses.

All majors and minors were represented by our students this year as well.   Top majors included Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Communication Studies, Computer Science, International Studies, Statistics, Math and Industrial Engineering.

16.8% of CFS participants were international students.

25.2% were Seniors, 34.2% were Juniors,  and 40.6% were Sophomores. 

student satisfaction:

student comments on the CFS experience:

“CFS has definitely helped me develop myself professionally in ways I could never imagine.  I never knew how much I would love the finance field until I took a risk and explored it through CFS.” 
-Sarah Liu, Business Field Studies, Economics major, interned at Morgan Stanley

“The Chicago Field Studies program was an extremely positive experience for me. In addition to having productive, thought-provoking discussions in the classroom, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work for credit during my last academic quarter at Northwestern.” 
- Karli Goldenberg, Field Studies in Social Justice, Journalism and English Lit major, interned at Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice

“CFS is a great first step for me to feel the office culture and get to know how a certain industry operates and what professionals do to serve the company. I am grateful for this experience because I learned industry specific knowledge and met many nice people.”
-Alvin Chen, Field Studies in Civic Engagement, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science major, interned for Milliman Financial Risk Management

“Doing Chicago Field Studies allowed me to see the value of the things I'm learning in classes. I felt like I was so much more engaged in my on-campus courses while doing CFS because I felt motivated for my career as a whole. Working while doing classes at Northwestern let me experience a more holistic quarter experience rather than the bubble of Northwestern.”
- Carson Rogge, Field Studies in the Humanities, Learning Sciences and Neuroscience major, interned at Advocate Illinois Masonic Healthcare

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