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Who Participates in CFS

You can find our full Annual Report here, but below is a brief summary:

In 2021-22, 550 students participated in the CFS program, interning with over 250 employers whose internship offerings spanned fields from art curation to business finance, sustainable farming to criminal justice, local government to global consulting.

We had students from all Northwestern undergraduate colleges represented in CFS courses.

All majors and minors were represented by our students this year as well.   Top majors included Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Journalism, Global Health, Statistics, Computer Science, Biological Sciences, and Industrial Engineering.

22.9% of CFS participants were international students.

27% were Seniors, 36% were Juniors,  and 37% were Sophomores. 

student comments on the CFS experience:

You can read more about students' CFS experiences on our blog.