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Additional Ways to Get Involved

image of Arcalea host and KarenHost a Site Visit

At least once per quarter our instructors take learning out of the theoretical environment of the classroom and into a "real world" location with direct correlation to the topics of the class. Hearing first hand from people working in the field always makes an impression on the student visiting the organization. If you would be interested in hosting CFS students at your organization, please contact Karen Allen at

Image of studentBe a Guest Speaker

Share your knowledge with our students by being a guest speaker for a CFS class or event. Our students enjoy learning about an industry from people with actual experience. Speakers help connect students to topics outside of the academic sphere and give them a forum to ask questions answered by someone with "real world" experience. If you would like educate students by being a guest speaker, please send us an e-mail that tells us a bit about you and your area of expertise.

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