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Field Studies in Public Health: CFS 392-0

Course Type: Variable Credit (1-4 units)

This course will count one credit toward Weinberg Distribution Requirement for Area III: Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Course Description

Do diseases like Covid-19 actually see race? What does history tell us about the public’s health and how can we predict the future based on where we have been? This course will provide an introduction to the field of Public Health and focus on promoting health equity. Students will explore the global and local history of Public Health as well as its intersection with race and racism, housing, poverty and violence. Using theory alongside the practical experience of their internships, they will unpack the complexities of Public Health and gain an understanding of the potential roles they can play within the field.  

 Instructor:  Jessica Puri

Types of Internships that relate to the Field Studies in Public Health course:


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