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Analysis of Field Experience: 291-0

Course Type: Summer only, .25 or 1 unit of credit

This course is available to students who will not be in Evanston during the summer but who require academic credit for their internship. This is also an option for international students requiring CPT work authorization for the summer months.

Unlike other classes, CFS does not provide internship placement assistance for AFE.  Students who participate in this class are required to secure their own internships prior to applying for program.

Tuition is dependent on which credit option students choose:

Course Description

The course provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect on their internships through readings and discussions posted on Canvas and a few reflective papers. There is one meeting scheduled prior to the end of spring quarter that all students attend before leaving for their summer internships.

Instructor: Anita Lukic

Types of Internships that relate to the Analysis of Field Studies course:

Internships can be in ANY field.  Students are responsible for securing their internship.  Please see our Sample Internships page for more information.

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