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Field Studies in Environment, Science, & Sustainability: CFS 387-0

Course Type: Variable Credit (1-4 units)

This course will count one credit toward Weinberg Distribution Requirement for Area III: Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Course Description

With Chicago as the field, FSESS will focus in particular on questions of science and sustainability within urban landscapes and beyond. We will explore how conflicting political, economic, and social interests and values contend for influence and exert power in the realm of environmental governance. We will look at how the local, regional, national, and international institutions, non-governmental organizations, experts, interest groups, and the public interact in defining environmental problems, and formulating and implementing solutions. Drawing on students' internship experiences, we will also discuss how concepts such the environment, sustainability, and green technology are defined and constructed in practice. Field Studies in Environment, Science, and Sustainability should be especially appealing to anyone interested in exploring the big issues facing the environment, understanding the environmental policy process, and doing something about the planet's changing environments.

Instructor: Robin Bayes

Types of Internships that relate to the Field Studies in Environment, Science & Sustainability course:

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