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Getting Started

Chicago Field Studies is a one-quarter academic internship program at Northwestern University that combines a course and internship experience to bring academic context to the professional world, expanding learning beyond the classroom and enabling students to pursue both academic and career aspirations.

The thematic seminar-style CFS courses encourage critical thought and academic study of the history, ethics, culture, and contemporary social issues of work. Participation in an internship provides direct experience and observation of these topics while simultaneously enabling exploration of career aspirations.

Students are required to apply for CFS courses during set application periods, unless they have already secured an internship. The application periods are typically one quarter in advance of participation to allow for enough time to work with a CFS career advisor and conduct an internship search.

CFS is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students across all Northwestern schools and majors and offers classes in every quarter including summer. Course offerings are diverse and differ each quarter.

These quarter specific pages will help you get started: