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Timeline and Important Dates

Students interview with employers approximately one quarter prior to when they will intern and participate in their CFS class.  Resumes are sent and interviews are conducted over a 4 to 6 week period.  We encourage you to act quickly once you have received the resumes because the process is competitive.  We will do our best to accommodate individual employer application processes.

Event Fall Winter  Spring  Summer

Send current job description to CFS advisors

Early May

 Early October

 Early January

 Early March

CFS sends out resumes to employers


 Late October

 Early February


Conduct interviews

 July &

 November & December

February & March

 May & June

Internship dates

September 19 -December 1*

January 3 - March 10*

March 28 - June 2*

June 20 - August 18*

Evaluation of interns due

 December 10

March 20

June 15

August 30

 *Internship Dates align with the beginning and end of Northwestern classes and will vary slightly year to year (see NU planning calendars for reference.)  Employers with internships dates different than those listed above  should negotiate start and end dates with the student prior to the start of the internship, but should still roughly align with Northwestern's quarterly class schedule.