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Sample Internships

Field Experience Through Internships

Internship experiences connect to CFS classes through discussion of theory and practice, observation, coursework, and reflection on the internship with classmates. In addition to being an opportunity for academic observation and study, having an internship enables students to explore careers, expand professional skills and networks, and build their resumes by gaining valuable work experience.

Students may either work with a CFS advisor to find an internship after being accepted to the program or secure an internship before applying. Regardless of how the internship is secured, your CFS advisor will work to support you throughout the duration of your internship.

Internship placement with the help of a CFS Advisor

CFS maintains relationships with over 300 Chicago area business and organizations, but internship opportunities are not limited to employers CFS already has a connection with. CFS can work with almost any employer in the Chicago area with a substantive internship and the flexibility to work with students who are required to take a weekly class. CFS students searching for internships are encouraged to utilize all resources available to them including: CFS connections; networking with peers, faculty, and mentors; CareerCat; and researching area business and organizations for opportunities that match their interests

The internship process is competitive for both students and employers. CFS will do everything we can to assist you in finding an internship, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive one. However, with the help of their advisor, typically 95-100% of students accepted into the program are able successfully secure an internship each quarter.   

Applying to CFS with an internship

CFS is also able to work with students who have already secured an internship prior to applying to the program. Certain CFS courses like Field Studies in Business Culture and Analysis of Field Experience require student to secure their own internships prior to applying since the internship can be anywhere in the USA for these online courses. If you have secured an internship independently, we are able to consider your application after the application period closes as long as there is still space in the class. For more information, please contact us at or 847-467-0605.

A sample of internship employers

Get a sense of organizations you may intern at and which CFS classes these types of internships connect to. These lists are by no means exhaustive - CFS provides additional resources to accepted students and works with them individually to understand their interests, identify appropriate organizations through our contacts, and assist in the application and interviewing process.